I know who you are.  You’ve had success and you are ready for the next level.

You may have built a business or may be a key player in an industry.  You may have sought to find balance between personal needs and the demands of a career.  Maybe you are now an empty nester looking to start that business you always wanted or that next chapter in your life.  It could simply be that you want your already great life to be spectacular.

You have burned bright, burned out, and you are burning again.  You are looking inside you for the change you want, ready to invent yourself, and sometimes those changes are hard to figure out.   If this sounds like you and you’re now ready to finally have the life you know you deserve, a life you love and has you want to leap out of bed every day, Optimal Leap coaching is for you.
Our caring team and results-oriented approach supports you in:

  •  Identifying what you really want and designing a plan to get there 

  • Identifying and eliminating roadblocks and challenges

  • Mastering your mindset to keep you focused and motivated and on track so you see real results quickly.

  • Making your already good relationships great

  • Managing life's transitions with power and joy

    If you know there is more out there, and you want to live a life you love, doing the things you love to do, contact us today and set up a complimentary strategy session.  What have you got to lose?  The life you want is waiting…

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Deborah Brown

Optimal Leap Founder, Coach

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My clients have said...

  • I loved having Deborah as my coach! She was compassionate and supportive even when asking tough questions that helped me challenge my assumptions and break through limiting beliefs. In our time together, I was able to shift my approach to time management and experiment with new ways to approach my day that work with my natural rhythms, not against them. I highly recommend working with Deborah if you're looking for support to make positive changes in your life.

    Amy Scott, Argentina

  • It was a pleasure having Deborah as my coach. I found our sessions to be genuine and powerful. With Deborah's support, I was able to dig deep and gain quite an awareness around my thought pattern. She listens and allows you to expand your view.  I personally feel that Deborah's laugh breaks the ice making it so easy to connect with her.  She made me feel comfortable and that I was able to trust her with my matters.

    Corina Pall, London, England

  • Before I started working with Deborah I was in a pickle. I lacked motivation and needed support and validation for the choices I was trying to make in my business and personal life. I needed someone to help me stay motivated and hold me accountable for the intentions I had set for myself.
    From the get go, working with Deborah was fun and light. She has an infectious laugh and sense of humor that instantly put me at ease. 
    But it wasn’t all fun and games...
    Immediately, Deborah helped me clearly identify my intentions, motives and values.  
    She is an expert listener and doesn’t miss a thing.  She asked me highly-intuitive questions that made me rethink my long-standing belief systems and mindsets.  
    Most importantly, she encouraged, supported and challenged me to stay on course. She held me accountable and held my feet to the fire to ensure that I did what I said I was going to do.
    Task and results-driven, she diligently worked to ensure my stated outcomes were achieved.
    Since working with Deborah, I’ve managed to make huge strides in the positioning of my brand. I’m on track for finishing my online course for Mindful Leaders and on track for a ridiculously happy business and life. Thanks, Deb! 

    Ken LaDeroute, North Carolina, USA

Natalie Brown, Rugby, England,

"Get in the Game"

Deborah joins a select group of business leaders from around the world to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Get in the Game: The World's Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal How YOU Can Get Off the Sideline and Start Improving Your Health, Wealth and Lifestyle!  Deborah highlights the key actions that need to be taken to stop playing small and get in the game.

About Deborah

Deborah works with clients to define and design their lives to incorporate their personal as well as professional aspirations.  As a senior ranking consultant in the IT industry for 14 years, Deborah knows first-hand how difficult it can be to attain work-life balance and what happens to your spirit when you give all you have to the job.  Deep down inside, she had the audacious idea that there was more to life! Her personal desire for fulfillment and witnessing so many other professionals experiencing similar challenges were the impetus and inspiration for creating Optimal Leap, Inc. with the goal of having her clients leap to their best and giving them a supportive environment and permission to design their life's vision.

Deborah is a graduate of the University of Miami where she obtained two Master's degrees in Biomedical and Industrial Engineering. In her corporate career, she worked in Management Consulting where she had the opportunity to lead teams and support their advancement. Deborah holds her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and has managed large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies.  She now embraces the philosophy that quality of life and playing full out is the biggest and most important project there will ever be.  Her desire to combine her knowledge, experience and her passion around relating to people serves to deliver the best results to her clients. 

With a thirst for knowledge as well as personal and professional development, Deborah uncovered her deep desire and ability to support others in reaching their next level of success. She entered the coaching profession, specializing in life and transformational coaching, with a dedication to guiding her clients and partnering with them on their journey of realizing their full potential. Deborah has done Advanced studies under the International Coach Academy, based in Australia.

Deborah, originally from Jamaica, currently resides in Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for causes that are near and dear to her heart and traveling, which allows her to explore new countries and cultures.

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